About us - SweFOR - Movimiento Sueco por la Reconciliación

About us

The nonviolence is the connecting piece in all of our work

The Swedish Fellowship of Reconciliation (SweFOR), is a Swedish civil society organization, with an ecumenical character, founded in 1919 and a member of the International Fellowship of Reconciliation (IFOR), which has consultative status in the UN.

Our vision is:

“Peace and justice, a society without violence and a sustainable way of living”

The work of SweFOR looks to promote a culture of peace and nonviolence in the world, promoting the pacific management of conflicts and respect for human rights and international humanitarian law. We consider that these axes are fundamental for the construction of a sustainable peace.

SweFOR.org is our international website, in spanish and english. On our other website krf.se you can find more information in Swedish.


SweFOR is an organization from the swedish civil society that works for peace through non violent methods. The headquarters are located in Stockholm but we also have offices in Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico.

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Capacity building

Through nonviolent methods, SweFOR works for peace and human rights together with allied organizations. The support is economic as well as thematic.

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Protection of Human Rights Defenders

We amplify the space of action for human rights defenders who are threatened.

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