Organization - SweFOR - Movimiento Sueco por la Reconciliación


An organization from the Swedish civil society with a global view on peace


We are an organization from the Swedish civil society. The base of SweFOR consists of our approximately 900 members, which of many form part of different locally organized groups. The members annually choose a board of directors, which employ a secretary general.


We manage a network of certified trainers in nonviolence who realize a large part of our training work.


Our headquarters are located in Stockholm. In addition we have offices in Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico.


Ekumeniska Centret, Gustavlundsvägen 18, Alvik

Our postal address is:

SweFOR, Box 14038, 167 14 Bromma, Sweden


We are proud members of the International Fellowship of Reconciliation (IFOR). We also form part of various different networks.


We love to share our knowledge about nonviolent methods with other organizations and people. We offer courses about nonviolence, civil courage, conflict management, sensibility to conflict, and security.

Read more about our courses on our Swedish website

Strategic communication

Together with allied organizations in Sweden and in other places, we work towards disarmament and constructive conflict management to contribute to a culture of peace.

Read more about our work in strategic communication on our Swedish website