CELEBRATE THE NUCLEAR BAN on January 22nd 2021


Date: January 21, 2021 | Category: IFOR

Continue to Make Peace the New Normal!

On January 22nd, together with our fellow organisations in IFOR ( International Fellowship of Reconciliation) we join worldwide celebrations for the entering into force of the UN nuclear ban Treaty which states that nuclear weapons, not only are immoral, but also unlawful according to international law.

We now invite everyone to join a Global Day of Action IFOR Day of Action jan 22th

The Day of Action will celebrate the entering into force of the UN nuclear ban Treaty adopted on July 7th 2017 by the UN General Assembly. It reached its 50th ratification on October 24th 2020, International UN Day. Through actions big and small, we aim to raise awareness about nuclear disarmament and the many issues linked to it such as nuclear investment, nuclear waste, nuclear tests, production, nuclear weapons stationing, nuclear pending threat, humanitarian risks and environmental risks and damages.

Whether you are in lockdown, moving about and physically distancing, there are things you can do and plan to do in the near future during this year. We invite everyone, everywhere, to RING A BELL FOR PEACE AT NOON! Click here to read more about it and download the pdf version!! 

During the day, IFOR will publish thematic posts and also display on Facebook a video message by IFOR president at 12 am CET, together with the video “If you love this planet” by ICAN.

We invite everyone to engage at any or all of following levels:

§ COMMUNITY ACTION: Share solidarity to victims of environmental disasters due to nuclear resources exploitation, testing and waste.

§ SPIRITUAL ACTION: Provide a point of spiritual focus and reflection.

§ POLITICAL ACTION: Engage politicians, policy makers and public opinion leaders and authorities about the need for disarmament; thank those who ratified the Treaty and call on those who didn’t yet. Call on City and Regional Councils to pass resolutions supporting the TPNW.

Please decide on the types of activity you intend to carry out. A list of activities is available on the IFOR website to spark your imagination. Click here to read or download the list. 

One common theme is the need to make people aware that we are taking action. On social media, we will connect our efforts by using the hashtag #MPNN and #JustPeace.

Read more about IFORs Day of Action.