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Corporación Sisma Mujer

Sisma Mujer is a Colombian feminist non-governmental organization, founded on August 23, 1998. Made up of women from different disciplines, the entity works with human rights defenders, social leaders, political refugees and women victims of armed conflict, sexual and domestic violence.

The main objective of Sisma Mujer is the construction of a world without violence against women and girls, seeking freedom and equality in the exercise of their human rights. In this line, it works with a psycholegal and human rights approach, both integral and interdisciplinary, to strengthen social processes aimed at the individual and collective empowerment of women.

They also provide free legal and psychosocial advice to women who are victims of sexual and/or domestic violence and to relatives of victims of femicide. Most of them come from rural and peasant areas with few resources. It also advocates on women’s rights – including the right to a life free of violence – and provides technical and management tools to overcome obstacles to women’s political participation, while facilitating their access to the rights to truth, justice, reparation and guarantees of non-repetition.

Recognized nationally and internationally as one of the main organizations specialized in violence against women in Colombia, Sisma Mujer participated in different spaces of the peace dialogues between the Colombian government and the FARC-EP and currently follows up on the implementation of the 2016 Peace Agreement.

Since its foundation, Sisma Mujer has contributed to legislative and constitutional spaces such as the following:

  • Reform of the electoral system for greater parity in women’s political participation.
  • Administration of justice in favor of the rights to truth, justice, comprehensive reparation and guarantee of non-repetition of women victims of sexual violence, domestic violence and femicide.
  • Incorporation of a differential gender approach in the Colombian State’s protection measures for women leaders and human rights defenders.
  • Promotion of the recommendations of the Inter-American Human Rights System (IAHRS) and universal human rights system (Human Rights Council) in favor of women’s human rights.
SweFOR Colombia has accompanied Sisma Mujer since April 2020 in its work in regions with a high level of conflict. Many of them, characterized by a great institutional weakness in terms of guarantees of rights, strong militarization and high presence of illegal armed actors, factors that complicate the realization of their work. Since 2018, the security incidents suffered by Sisma Mujer have increased.


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